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I Started My Own Law Practice, and Here's Why:

Making the decision to step away from a structured setting, with decent hours, cool coworkers and "guaranteed" income is never easy. You become accustomed, spoiled even, by the perks of not having to think about all of the day-to-day decisions that go into running a business. However, when your dreams become very specific and you start to develop a plan around those very specific dreams, you soon realize just how restricting that nice job can be. Or, at least, that's what happened to me.

In March of 2018, I became a first time entrepreneur by launching a nonprofit, accelerator program for aspiring, minority entrepreneurs called The Vision Foundation, Inc. (TVF). It was through the creation of TVF, planning Board meetings, prepping for the launch, and hosting the first cohort of entrepreneurs, that I realized the schedule I needed and the work that I wanted to carryout, simply didn't align with my 9-5 (really 7:30 - 4:15, but who's counting lol).

The demands from my day job, coupled with the work that I was carrying out for TVF made me feel like I was in a never-ending race. I was tired, and I was beginning to realize that I would, sooner rather than later, need to make a decision about which path would get all of my time. So, itt was a HUGE sigh of relief when my [final] boss called me down on September 6, 2018 to let me know that it wasn't going to work out between us and that I was being released. In a moment where I should've been devastated by the loss of my job, I actually felt liberated and relieved because I knew inherently that this was exactly the position I needed to be in to move forward with all that I wanted to do.

And, so, I took a month to figure life out. I buckled down on expenses. I got quiet with my thoughts. And through that time, I made plans and promises. Plans that included the whole aspect of who I am and the impact that I wanted to make in this world, and promises to pursue those plans and serve the people who needed me the most.

In making those plans and promises, I realized that I needed an extra vehicle to truly affect change and to address my "why" (I'll share more on this in another post) more holistically. It was through my discovery that I decided to start my own law firm, The Dorsey Firm, LLC, to help make legal services more accessible and to close the income gap in Atlanta by helping small businesses grow!

I'm excited to share that The Dorsey Firm, LLC is now open and accepting clients. I look forward to sharing more with you as I grow!

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