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  • How long does the trademark filing process take?
    The trademark process has a general turnaround time of two (2) weeks. The process will consist of: (1) completing a trademark worksheet; (2) conducting a trademark knockout search; (3) reviewing the trademark search results with The Brand Attorney; (4) compiling examples of your usage of the trademark, where applicable; and (5) submitting your trademark application to the USPTO. The turnaround from the point of submission can take between 6 months and upwards of a year, depending on the nature of your application and any potential issues it may pose.
  • What is the general turnaround time for filing an LLC?
    The general turnaround for filing LLC is 21-30 days. The turnaround time will be contingent upon several factors, such as the responsiveness and processing times of the corresponding Secretary of State’s Office.
  • What happens if I download the wrong agreement?
    In the event that you download the wrong agreement, please email us at: or on the contact page. We will address each instance case-by-case.
  • I would like to protect my logo. Should I get a trademark or a copyright?
    The answer will depend on the types of protections you are after. Copyright works to protect your logo from unauthorized copying of the design itself. Even when you’re not actively using it, it prevents others from copying or using it without your permission from the date of creation and for the duration of your life, plus 70 additional years. Copyright will also allow you to protect the colors, the typeface/font, and other unique details within your design. On the other side, Trademarks work to ensure that no other company in your line of work can use your logo to deceive customers and create confusion in the marketplace. Just one more way that you, as a creative, can protect your content.
  • What course should I start with if I am unsure of how to start my business?
    If you are unsure of where to begin, I recommend the following four (4) resources: (1) Small Business Startup Guide; (2) the Business Formation checklist;(3) the Business Formation Discussion Guide; and (4) the “Formation 101” class.
  • How do I schedule a consult to meet with The Brand Attorney?
    If you are interested in moving forward with meeting with me, please use the “Contact Us” form to get in touch. We will send a link to schedule a time to chat from there. Alternatively, you can also book a service and we will be sure to provide insight during our discovery call.
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